Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sorry, friends.

I've started my new job at the county jail in booking. I really like it. A great break from the screaming obscenities and moronic calls coming into the 911 center. Not to mention the idiotic bosses I had there. Everyone here is very supportive and helpful, a complete change from the "knife your fellow worker in the back" at the 911 center. Plus I can actually have my days! However, there's no internet access available there, and I wouldn't have time if there was, so my blogging has been lacking lately. Now that I'm settled in, I hope to get back on track here. Thanks for your concern and patience.


Blogger Eric said...

Belated best of luck on the new job!

It's nice to know (well, nice isn't the right word) that the knives are out all over the 911 dispatch center world. We do our best to stab each other in the front.

9:25 PM  

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