Sunday, February 11, 2007


The Real Story

You know as a civilian in support of our troops, I am still daily amazed at the wide source of information available to the general public about what's going on in Iraq and around the world. But what amazes me the most is that somehow the main stream media (read: biased scum scribblers) never seem to find these sources. Thanks to Tanker Brothers, I've found another source to share with you. It is the web site of the multi-national force in Operation Iraqi Freedom. It's linked above and I'll be putting it in my links list on my sidebar.

One more thing. Even though I'm leaving the 911 dispatcher profession, this blog will continue to do what it can for our troops. If any of you have any news, views or links you'd like to share feel free to let me know.


Anonymous Terri said...

Anthony and I over at ASM use MNF-I quite often as a source for our articles. Especially in our Rebuilding Iraq series. Since the media ignores everything positive about what's going on over there, we've taken it upon ourselves to get some of these stories out into the public eye. MNF-I is a great source of information.

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