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A Gathering of Eagles

Below is a copy of the post left by Terri at "A Soldier's Mind" regarding what I think may be the most important event of the year. Please read about it and if you can make plans to attend. I will be reposting this as the event grows closer.

February 9th, 2007
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Thanks to CplM from A Soldier’s Perspective for alerting us to The Gathering Of Eagles and their plans. We’re only too happy to share this information with our readers here.

It appears that a group, led by Cindy Sheehan, Jane Fonda, Ramsey Clark and others are planning to gather at the Vietnam Memorial Wall to begin a march to protest the US involvement in the Iraq war on March 17, 2007. This date is significant, as it marks the 4th anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq war.

However, for this protest march, they’ll be met with a group of Viet Nam veterans and supporters who plan to gather at the Wall to show their support for the U.S. Troops. This group of Vets and supporters calls themselves the Gathering of Eagles, and was organized by Retired Col. Harry Riley. Organizers hope that thousands of supporters will show up in Washington DC from all over the country to show their support for our Troops and protect the Wall from vandals, such as what occurred at the last anti-war march in Washington D.C., where vandals painted the steps of the Capitol building.

“The anti-war/anti-America group cannot be allowed to use the Vietnam Memorial Wall as a back-drop to their anti-America venom and stain the hallowed ground that virtually cries out with blood at the thought of this proposed desecration … it must not happen,” said veteran Bud Gross. “… All Americans are invited to support our effort, which is intended as a defender of hallowed ground and intended as a non-violent competition between those that would sell out America and those of us who support freedom and keeping the fight with the enemy on distant shores.”

The Gathering of Eagles members will be wearing armbands to identify themselves. Those who are unable to go to Washington D.C. to stand with the patriots are asked to wear armbands with small U.S. Flags to show their own communities that they abhor the tactics of this group led by Fonda and Sheehan. Other suggestions are to hold rallies across America on this date, calling on Veteran Organizations across the country to rally their citizens to unite together at local memorials to demonstrate their solidarity with those standing against the protestors in Washington D. C. and they further suggest inviting your local media to such event.

“We’ll be there to act as a countervailing force against the Cindy Sheehan-Jane Fonda march from the Vietnam Memorial to the Pentagon,” retired Navy Capt. Larry Bailey said. “We will protect the Vietnam Memorial. If they try to deface it, there will be some violence, I guarantee you.”
Bailey and thousands of his fellow Vietnam vets are worried that the anti-war protesters will damage the wall, just as they spray-painted the steps of the Capitol at their last march.
The wall is sacred to the men and women who fought in that war.
“It is our contact with our dead brothers — those who lost their lives in the cause of their country,” Bailey said.

I think that this is a great idea. What better way to show our Troops that we support them, then to stand with others who support our troops as well and declare it loud and clear! Please let us know, if you’ll be able to go to Washington DC on March 17th or if you’ll be organizing a vigil in your own community. Let’s get the word out and make this happen all across the country!

To read more about The Gathering of Eagles and their plans, please visit The US Veteran Dispatch where you’ll also find a link to a message board to share your ideas about this event.


Anonymous Terri said...

Thanks PJ for helping us spread the word of this event. While I won't be able to go to DC to attend, I'm trying to get a vigil set up here in the Fort Hood area.

8:42 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

Sounds like a great idea. Anytime you need anything posted I'll gladly oblige. I just appreciate your dedication.

7:50 AM  

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