Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Media Swine

The following post was found on "A Soldier's Perspective", and illustrates the depth the media, specifically CNN, will sink to foist ant-war, anti-American and anti-Bush propaganda onto the public. Fortunately, CNN's ratings are very low since most Americans get their news and information off the internet and Fox News. This slop proves what extent they will go to get attention. Read it and get as angry as I was and the blogger.

Enough is Enough: My Declaration of War Against American Mainstream Media
October 20th, 2006 by haystack

I tried to find the text of an official Declaration to use as a backdrop, but I am too angry and suffer from a serious case of impatience to look any further. While enjoying my daily lunch-time tune up with the Godfather, Limbaugh, I came in on his “analysis” of Anderson Cooper’s “360 Degrees” “show”, during which he aired and analyzed the videotaped killings of American Soldiers by the so-called insurgents; the Islamic Iraq Army.

This is so disgusting and despicable on so many levels and in so many ways, I don’t even know where to start. The intro from the “technically, according to American Law, NOT treasonous and traiterous Cooper and his company, CNN” goes something like this:

Two thousand, seven hundred and eighty-three American troops have been killed so far in Iraq. You can see the faces behind me. Eleven deaths, we learned about today alone.

They’re numbers and names only to people whose business it is to deal in such terms. They’re not number or names to their buddies or their C.O.s, not to their friends, their families, their loved ones.

We owe them a lot, including a clear and honest accounting of what they are up against, today, tomorrow, for the foreseeable future. To do any less, to sugarcoat the reality, we think, dishonors their sacrifice.

So, tonight, you will see how some Americans in Iraq are getting killed. The killings were videotaped by the insurgents, and made available to CNN. There is no doubt the footage is disturbing to watch. Our decision to run it has not been taken lightly.

This story, shocking as you may find it, is one that we believe needs to be told.

It is reported tonight by CNN’s Michael Ware.

Bile rises up to my throat at having to promote his trash here, but you must see for yourselves the levels to which this scum will stoop to further promote the anti-Bush, anti-War, anti-American Soldier swill the Liberals and their propagandists insist on cramming down everone’s throats. I am so mad right now, I could spit.

My son-in-law could have been the one they sat idly by and watched the sniper shoot dead where he stood mingling with Iraqi citizens. Your son, my neighbor’s son, our pastor’s son could have been on the receiving end of that sniper’s bullet; the CNN reporter in hushed tones describes the scene as if he were watching an auction to see who got the final bid on a prized treasure. This is war, MSM, war.

The “analyst, or play by play commentator if you will:

MICHAEL WARE, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): A sniper is watching these American soldiers. You’re looking at the unobstructed view from the sniper team’s vehicle.

And they are waiting for their moment, as the soldiers mingle with Iraqi civilians.

“People are around them,” warns the sniper’s spotter, who seems to be operating the video camera.

“Want me to find another place?”

“No, no,” comes the reply. “Give me a moment.”

And, then, the soldier falls forward. You hear the sniper’s vehicle start, and they slip away.

American casualties this month are tracking at near record numbers. This video is a glimpse into an enduring feature of this war. Ground commanders say it is a growing and deadly tactic, insurgent sniper teams.

U.S. military intelligence tells CNN, it suspects some of these teams are trained abroad. They make an intimidating weapon.

We can’t see the Abu Ghraib pictures, they are too disgusting and humilatingly terrible It is too soon to re-watch the 9/11 images, we have not had enough time to heal. But somehow, magically, we MUST watch one of our own take a sniper’s bullet (with play-by-play voice-over) to make sure we get the horrors of war.

The gloves are off. That was someone’s son. If I thought a boycott would work I’d do it. If I thought a petition to the FCC to pull their license would work, I’d try. If I thought I could create my own Media Conglomerate and run them out of business, I would sign the (bad) check right now. What I CAN do, is finish this piece, and start a campaign to tear at these (expletive removed in deference to the posting guidelines) with every fiber of my being.

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