Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cookie Update

Here's the latest Cookies For Soldiers count from CJ. Please go to his website to donate. These are Girl Scout cookies and go to our heros in the field.
CJ's website is : Please cut and paste as Blogger's link tool is non-functional.

Cookies Come In Sunday
October 15th, 2006 by CJ
But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to hit the 750 mark. We still stand at just


, with only 44 more boxes needed. Quick, run outside and grab your neighbors and lead them to the computer. Once the cookies come in, I’ll take a picture and show everyone.

Okay, I’m just going to keep a running tally of the bold number below and change it as orders come in, so we can all see how close we are. The goal is 750. we are at:


Ladies and gentlemen, we’re on the steep downhill slope to Anissa’s 750 box goal. So far, she’s sold 686 boxes of cookies, the vast majority of which are going to Marines and Soldiers in Iraq. All we need is for SIX more people to buy ten boxes of cookies (or 13 people to 5 boxes and we can stop this monster. Please continue to spread the word. I’m not asking those that have already donated to donate more. I’m looking for new people who want to know about ways to support our troops. The link to the right will be active until we meet the goal (or a week from Monday). All we ask is $5 per box which pays for the cookies ($3.50) and all shipping and materials. A few people have donated a couple of extra dollars for shipping and to pay for the fees Paypal charges with each donation, so if you’d like to just donate the required $3.50, we’ll take it. Thanks again for everything you’ve all done already and will continue to do to wrap this project up. Remember, the cookies arrive on 22 Oct!

CJ's website is : Please cut and paste as Blogger's link tool is non-functional.


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