Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sweets For Soldiers Update...It's still going

Here's an update on the Girl Scout cookie campaign for our soldiers overseas. It's not too late to donate. Go to the site described at


and donate through PayPal or any other way you can. Thanks. Below is the update from CJ.

Good News for Marines
October 9th, 2006 by CJ
I dropped Anissa off at Girl Scouts today and told them that I had a few orders to add to the sheets I turned in on Saturday. I haven’t made the time to remove the Paypal link yet and some people were still donating, including my father (ya got lucky!). I asked her if it was okay that orders were still coming in. She told me it was okay, the sheets that had to be turned in were only for pre-orders. Soooooo….I’m going to keep this thing going to help Anissa AND our Marines. As of right now, she’s collected 445 boxes of donated cookies for our Marines.

I’ve got enough names that there really isn’t a shortage of servicemen and women to send to. I’ve even been given a small Army unit of about 12 people. I’m going to leave the link up so that people can keep donating cookies. Basically, I’ll keep it going till at least 22 Oct now. Plus, that gives me another couple of weekends to take her door to door since we were rained out this weekend.

Spread the word, let’s keep this party going!!


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