Saturday, November 11, 2006

Veteran's Day

This is Veteran's Day...the most forgotten holiday...moved from place to place... celebrated on convenient days for maximum time off...used by the media to give exposure to the loser celebrities they want to push on half-assed television specials. This has always been a special day to me and my family. My father was in the the south Pacific from 1941-1945 with the US Army, so as a boy it meant something at our home and in my home town. I hope it means something to you. If not you might want to read what Fox News' Neil Cavuto had to say.

Honoring Our Troops
Friday, November 10, 2006

By Neil Cavuto

They don’t make much money.

They don’t make much fuss.

They don’t badger, or whine.

They don’t mope or moan.

They are the subject of nasty debate, but never get nasty themselves.

Not a one shouts back. Not a one even answers back.

Each just does his or her job — quietly, confidently, bravely.

Their work conditions would make a union boss’ head spin. The time away from loved ones would make any normal person’s heart spin.

But these aren’t normal folks. These are soldiers.

Serving in Iraq. Serving in Afghanistan. Serving the world. Serving a proud centuries-long American tradition. Protecting freedom. Spreading freedom.

I’m not here to debate the merits of a war, but the merits of the folks fighting it. Far from home, far from a raucous election, far from the heated debate from that election.

We talk — they do. Following a long and stunningly impressive line of soldiers who also did, who also sacrificed, who also died — without a peep, without a complaint, without a stir. This generation, through the generations, the best of all generations.

Sometimes I think there is nothing so loud as dignity so quiet. On this Veterans Day, we’d be wise to remember their sacrifice. We’d be wiser still to remember their example.

I’m not fit to be them, I’m just damn grateful for them.


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