Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sweets for Soldiers

Below is a portion of a blog by CJ at outlining a portion of a plan to send Girl Scout cookies to our brave soldiers overseas. You can contact CJ at the link furnished for details. The drive ends tonight at midnight, but I'm sure CJ has some fallback plan for late-comers like us. Contact him for details.

Pat Yourself On The Back
October 7th, 2006 by CJ
Anissa started out her Girl Scouts to Cav Scouts cookie drive two years ago and about 100 boxes to Soldiers in Iraq. We couldn’t do it last year due to the move. This year she wanted to do it again, but this time send to Marines. Now, I recognize that the Marines don’t necessarily have Cav Scouts, but they have Force Recon Scouts or something like that (Help me out here, M). That’s all semantics anyway. The fact is that a lot of Marines are going to be enjoying cookies. I’m closing out the ordering so that I can turn in the sheets to the Girl Scout leader. Everyone interested in knowing the final tally?


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