Monday, January 08, 2007

Blog Of War and More Boots

Matthew Currier's "Blog Of War", may be the best book in 2006. You've read my comments about it before. My wife just finished it and of course spent all night on it and cried most of the time as she read it. She asked me an interesting question when she finished. What were our troops doing over there? Why weren't they being allowed to be soldiers?

Tough question. My answer was that the politicians wouldn't let them be soldiers. They're forced into policeman roles instead of doing what they were trained for. Now, many politicians want us to send more boots to the ground. They're going to have to convince me that our posture in Iraq is going to change to a more aggressive stance before I support that. If we are going to continue pussy-footing around getting kids bumped off by sneak attacks (IED's etc.) my answer would be no more troops. Send a lot of SWAT teams. They're trained for urban mop-up campaigns. However, if our military is finally going to be allowed to WIN in Iraq, go ahead, send as many as you want.

What do you think?


Anonymous Anna said...

I agree. If you're going to allow the troops to do their jobs, have at it, but if they are going to continue handcuffing them, why send more?

Blogs of War is awesome and like your wife I cried and wondered even more why our troops haven't been allowed to do their jobs.

12:09 AM  

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