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Death Of A Tyrant

I like most Americans, cannot work up any sympathy or understanding for Saddam after his death. I really don't care about what kind of unhappy childhood he had, where he went wrong or why. He murdered perhaps millions of people. Was there any question that Adolph Hitler should die? The MSM is running profiles of the life of Saddam, which in many ways seem sympathic to this murderous scum. I honestly don't understand the media in this country and have no respect for them. Below is a post from an Iraqi student and her feelings about Saddam. I thought it was interesting and revealing in comparison to what we are fed by the media here. Her blog is "No Pain No Gain", a rather appropriate title for her country's struggles.

Saddam's Era

Saddam was executed by hanging on 30th December 2006. Several friends connected to the Green Zone and the Iraqi government have stated different times of 30th December when and where Saddam was actually executed. The celebrations for this new chapter after Saddam's era have not occured yet in NZ but I suppose that will be postponed to the Iraqi New year parties held on 31st December for all the Iraqi citizens. I spent the day and night watching several Arab media like Aljazeera which spent their reports interviewing people who supported Saddam. Western medias seemed more useful in interviewing witnesses of Saddam's execution and fellow politicians who are aware of the court verdict. For the Muslim world in the northern Hemisphere, it is the Eid al adha which signifies the biggest celebrations in the religion of Islam.

Many Iraqis question the reason of executing Saddam on this special occassion. Why would they leave it at such a time? I guess Bush made his odd speeches about the year ending only when Saddam is executed and Saddam was acting so religious and tacky about wanting his execution day to be near the time of Eid. Many of us can only question what this Iraqi government benefiting the Iraqis in Iraq? What good are they doing to extend the execution date for an extra 2 weeks after the official verdict by the Iraqi judge? What good is the government when it decides to issue segments of Saddam's hanging on public television. What does politician Laith Kuba indicate when he chose to go back to USA losing his goals in Iraq after stating that each person his own valley of opinions which other Iraqi politicians refuse to listen to? All these things indicate that the Iraqi government is there to play with our emotions, particularly Iraqi emotions. I say that because the Iraqi government at the time of the famous abdul kareem qasim was not shown his execution completely to the public; to this day it is still rare to find a video that shows his death. Or how about the time when Saddam's sons were caught by American troops....their 'dead' faces were shown in photos, not videos or photographers. I watched with disgust as the media showed segments of this hanging, not because I love him but because it is inhumane to see a man you hate get killed infront of you. We humans are prone to hate somebody, a man who ruined our lives but are unable to commit a crime ourselves or even observe it live, many of us do not have this capability by nature; that is how Faisal sabbardi interviewed by several current medias said it "Saddam killed my family and friends and I left Iraq because of Saddam but there is no reason or benefit for me to witness his entire execution on video, all I need is a photo of his dead body to prove to me that he is dead". However because Iraqis are gullible, like the time the death of Saddam's sons were denied for the first few days, this event needed extensive footages for Iraqis to believe that, yes, Saddam did actually get executed. That's how barbaric Iraqis have become; by tolerating the death and to provide the way of execution to the entire national public and world-wide.

Each Middle Eastern country had its own style of benefit and view of Saddam. However at the end of the day when Saddam has left this Earth, several people like the Palestinians who benefited from Saddam's aid, Jordanians, Syrians and Libyans still have their respect to this man. The Libyan leader recently showed sympathy towards this very day. Why? I must ask myself.......Is it maybe he is scared that this day of execution will reach to his doorstep too because the whole public witnessed it and he needed to be seen as something better than saddam by sympathizing over his death? Why is it they see him so obedient and respectful when Iraqis, Kuwaitis and Iranians see him as a murderer? True, Saddam was seen as a respectful man towards certain countrymen but he was certainly not the same with local citizens and those he made war against. Only Iraqi citizens are aware of how bad Saddam and his regime really was, they faced it first hand directly, there should be no major reason for other people to deny what Iraqis say about Saddam.

I must say there is a difference for an Iraqi being sad about viewing this execution, people like me...and an Iraqi who had been sad from the moment they caught Saddam. Saddam is a weak man who refused to use his weapon he had in the hole while hiding but because alot of people listened to him, he became certainly powerful. There is much to say about this moment, the good and bad, but I can only say that this execution is not everything. It is simply a step closer to the ultimate goals of the average Iraq, which is to attain peace, security and equality. It is part of the solution. Whether Saddam's era will continue to be used as revenge or retaliation, that is one questionable possibility in regards to how much people are willing to fight for such a cause. Time as always, will tell.

Happy Eid and New year!
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