Sunday, December 31, 2006

President Ford and the Weasels

I spent a couple of hours watching the placing of President Ford's coffin in the capitol last night. Few can argue with the statement that Gerald Ford was one of, if not the most squeaky clean politician ever. He did indeed heal the wounds left by Watergate, as no one else could have done, simply because no one could have done it but Gerald Ford. However, now the vultures and scum that howl for Bush's head 24/7 have sunk to a new low in using and twisting the words uttered by Ford, at the age of 93, to Bob Woodward (now there's an unbiased source) in an interview and allegedly repeated to an aid to the late president. For a clear understanding of what the late president actually said and how he said it, I suggest you follow the link supplied below. This blogger's got it right. The blog is called "The Sundries Shack", and I think you'll enjoy it and the others he links to.


Anonymous pete said...

Just a random 'Happy New Year!' comment :)

5:32 AM  
Blogger Rebekah said...

I was a little too young during Ford's presidency, but wasn't the media harsh on him during his tenor? I remember my history teacher talking about the media not liking him. Now they are all commenting on how great he was.

7:43 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

Yes, they were very hard on him. They practically verbally srung him up about pardoning Nixon, and they intimated he was clumsy (this about a man who is a virtual champion skier and former football player/coach)for a mistep ath the bottom of the Presidential jet stairs. Despite this cruelty, he never held it against the media, and if you noticed he requested Tom Brokaw speak at his funeral. A real gentleman.

9:48 AM  

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