Sunday, December 03, 2006

This Christmas

My wife and I are doing something different this Christmas. (get your mind out of the gutter) We are taking the money we would normally spend in sending Christmas presents to our sons, their wives and our four grandchildren and using it for Soldier's Angels, Operation Santa and other causes to help troops deployed and in military hospitals. We've explained this to our sons, who earn a great deal more money than us, and they approve heartily. Now before you say "Aww, isn't that wonderful", remember as far as my wife and I are concerned we are getting much more from these fine young men and women in the field than we are giving them. What they give us and all Americans is priceless, and can never be fully repayed. All I ask of you is that you just think about it and look for ways you can make their deployment more comfortable. There's a lot of possibilities out there, I've linked to some for you, but search it out online and see what suits you best.


Blogger Rebekah said...

I think thats neat. When my kids get older I would like to do something like that...they are too young at this point to sacrifice presents. I did make them help out at Shop with a Cop a few times. The last few years I have been working on that day so I havent taken them.
Merry Christmas

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