Sunday, November 19, 2006

Update: On Airman's Little Brother

On November 9th I told you about one of my unit's Airmen whose brother was severely injured when he was hit by a garbage truck. I have (with the help of numerous bloggers) been raising money to help offset the costs of medical care and on 17 Nov 06 I handed $900 to a Staff Sergeant in charge of collecting money for my unit. Another $580 will be given to the family of the Airman on Monday (tomorrow).On Friday I received an update on the brother's condition. As of tomorrow he will have been in ICU for a month and is expected to be in ICU for another month after that his recovery process can begin. During the weekend he has had two skin grafts to replace skin torn off his body by the accident. This brings his total number of surgeries up to nine. Even for a lifetime of events nine surgeries is an incredibly high number especially for a boy who is turning twelve in February. At this time, the family is staying at a Ronald McDonald House near the hospital. It's an obviously trying situation for the family but your donations are helping them not worry so much about the cost of everything.I greatly appreciate the support of those that have given their hard earned money towards the relief efforts (some 29 people from the US, Canada, and Australia).Again, I appreciate your continued support.

The good you've done can not be easily measured.

Thanks,Chris Short

Here's where you can donate. Please help.


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