Sunday, December 17, 2006

"Remember The Sabbath Day And Keep It Holy"

That's what the Lord told Moses on Mt. Sinai, but word doesn't seem to have gotten to the bible-belt Baptists we service in our area. The whole day has been filled with family fights, stranger fights and idiots who couldn't find their asses with both hands and a search warrant. It started for us nice and early with a local Mexican being whacked with a ballbat and robbed, by a carload of local African-Americans. We've had approximately 50 of these types of incidents against Mexicans in the last 6 months. They're an easy target because they never put their paychecks in a bank, and the local thugs know that they're carrying a large sum of money with them at all times.

Christmas is nearly upon us and thus begins the silly season, when good will and cheer is celebrated by firing up the old crack pipe and breaking open that 12 pack and kicking the shit out of your old lady. When God gives the world an enema, I just know he'll stick the nozzle in here.

...And God bless us everyone!


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