Tuesday, November 14, 2006

As Henry Ford said, "History Is Bunk!"

When they write the history of this period in American history, and they will, you'll read about how George Bush betrayed the soldiers in the field and the public with his false claims of WMD's in Iraq. You'll read about how we knee-jerked our way into a war we couldn't win. You'll read about how Bush policies and Republican values were repudiated in the latest election. You'll read about the Democrats and how they saved lives by "redeploying" our way out of Iraq.

What you will never read about is how a sneak attack on New York, the Pentagon and nearly the capitol building cost the lives of almost 3000 and how President Bush purposefully and with great care and consultation of our allies, sought to stop terrorism using the only avenues open to us at the time. You won't read about the great successes we had in Afghanistan, how we virtually eliminated the Taliban (remember them), how we tried so hard to make life better for the Iraqi people. How we fed clothed and educated countless children. How our soldiers gave their lives for this noble cause.

There's perhaps no one more disappointed with the way this effort has become perverted by a government who has run out of ideas and is in way over their heads, than I am. I was a true believer. I still believe in our soldiers, sailors and airmen who are deployed in that quagmire. Now, Bush has decided after losing a mid-term election that he will listen to varying opinions on handling the problem in Iraq. He got his political ass kicked and now the cowboy diplomat wants to repair his legacy in his waining term, much in the same way Clinton tried and failed. Well, as a former true believer, I'm not interested in his friggin' Iraq Study Group, manned by a sack of old loser shits like Jim Baker and Lee Hamilton. The man has disgraced our country and his own hard-line policy and has indeed now betrayed the heros in the field. Impeachment is a ridiculous idea, now in this eleventh hour brought on by a pack of blood sniffing demagoges. Let him slowly bleed to death. He cut his own throat.

It's true. We do get the government we deserve, and history is bunk!


Blogger mistyforeverlost said...

Wow PJ, I'm shocked. Speechless too. TBH, I don't even think I am that angry over the whole debacle and to make it further..I am not all that excited about the recent turn of events in our Gov't. I will be once they show some level of maturity that leads our Gov't to FOR the people BY the people. Until then, I'm just going to go thinking "idiots...all of them are idiots...both sides."

7:54 AM  

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