Thursday, June 28, 2007


Just a word of advice. Don't bother signing up for Blogger's Adsense program if your blog content doesn't agree with their preconcieved notion of what sells. After trying on a couple of occasions to sign up, they have consistantly denied me based on a nebulous form letter (email) saying my content did not suit their advertisers needs. Therefore, I'm forced to assume that patiotism and caring about our heroes overseas, doesn't sell. More likely it goes against Blogger's owners, political leanings. I had planned on donating any money I made on Adsense to Soldier's Angels, but that will not happen. It won't stop me from donating myself, but I thought that a little extra might help too. Therefore, unless you can adapt your opinions to Google's confines, don't bother with Adsense.

However, now I'm stuck with some kind of gap in the the top of my blog that Adsense/Google did not remove. Can anyone help me and tell me how to remove it from my template? I don't know what I'm looking for in the template.


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