Wednesday, August 16, 2006

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mistyforeverlost said...
I don't know. It's hard for me because after doing some pretty heavy research on hezbollah, lebanon and isreal (along with Pakistan and Syria--cause you gotta do it right), it's difficult to label hezbollah a terrorist group when only three nations (israel, US and canada) as a terrorist cell and everyone else With three others listing a small faction, the terrorists and allowing the rest to be "resistance." It's also hard because they are there to support the lebanonese troops since they are not great in numbers. Plus, They have been cross-raiding each other for years. Israel kidnaps Hezbolla, Hezbolla kidnaps in return. Hezbolla fires rockets at Israel, Israel fires rockets at Hezbollah in return.

As far as I am concerned, this whole thing could have been avoided if they two children would go into their seperate corners and refuse to play with each other. They are both wrong and both should get their hands slapped for doing stupid stuff.

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PJ said...
Misty,I agree that there's enough blame to go around to everyone. However, I disagree with your estimate of Hezbollah as a small faction. They have proven over many years to be a large terrorist organization to be reckoned with in the region. Ceratinly the gloating statements made by the Hezbollah leadership and the outright supportive statements made by the president of Lebanon today, reaffirm their control in Lebanon. Isreal's action was in RESPONSE to border raids and kidnappings by Hezbollah, and the escalation BY Hezbollah ensued. Of course, it escalated and got completely out of hand. However, it's my opinion that those backing both sides need to keep out of these disputes and only step in when it is in our interests. Certainly, the U-useless N-negotiators has no business intervening, as their 28 completely wasted years in the region testify to. I believe, the USA sold Isreal out to the UN for political expediancy. Isreal could very well have settled this on their own and I believe without recognizing Hezbollah and giving them the legitimacy they don't deserve. Now, the USA is going to send $50,000,000 to Lebanon for relief. You don't have to be terribly smart to realize that money will go to Hezbollah sympathizers to inflame the region again and not to the innocent victims of this conflict. All we seem to do in this country, no matter who's in office, is dole out large sums of money to quiet our consciences, with no form or a very weak form of oversight.


Blogger mistyforeverlost said...

Sorry this took me so long, I was on that yacht at that fancy wedding, wearing material that didn't match ;O).

anyway, I still think they were both idiots. Yes, Hezbollah kidnapped Israel's, which was really a retaliation from Israel kidnapping Hezbollah, which was a retaliation from Hezbollah kidnapping Isreal, which was a can see where this is going.

I agree that we should have stayed out of it. I do think we sold Israel out because we were allied with them (I say were, because who knows if we still are) and I do think that Hezbollah is a force to be reckoned with and they may very well gather arms again. Remember, they were initally formed to keep Lebanon from intrusion to begin with because the Lebanonese army just isn't (or didn't want to or wasn't at the time) strong enough to accomplish the last Israel/Lebanone/PLO round.

I also think Israel is fully capable of handling themselves. The death toll speaks for itself as to who was "winning" this fight. Any innocents dieing is wrong...but Israel definitely had the upper hand when it came to protecting themselves and causing the most harm/damage to the enemy.

The UN is and always has been a joke when we don't agree and spot on when we do agree. That's politic's and I really don't have much of a thought on them.

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Blogger mistyforeverlost said...

OH and just to clarify, the "small faction" was a group within Hezbolloh that is listed as the terrorist cell, the ESO...which isn't the entirety of Hezbollah, just a small group within when compared to the entire organization.

Hezbollah as a "whole" is listed by most countries as a resistance and they seperate the ESO as the terrorist cell within Hezbollah. Sorry about that confusion.

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