Friday, July 21, 2006

Some Thoughts

I'm away from work for the weekend, so I have time to post something that's worthwhile, or at least to me.

The 911 Center was, as usual, very busy this past week. I see more and more cruelty to others coming our way in the form of domestic abuse, nasty violent robberies, hate and mistrust in families and of strangers. Is it any wonder that no one seems to be able to get a handle on peace in the world? We can't get along with those of our same ethnicity, age, background or even species. There seems to me very little hope of mankind acheiving any meaningful (non-political) or lasting peace anywhere.

Which brings me to the latest outrage in the middle-east. The conflict between Lebanon and Isreal and their respective silent partners, Russia, Iran, Syria and the United States and Great Britain. While these silent partners manipulate behind the scenes, Israeli and Lebanese soldiers and civilians die. A worthwhile read for anyone who may see another silent partner that we all have, God, in this is "The Ezekial Option" by Joel Rosenburg. It reads like today's headlines when it was written almost two years ago. It might offer some comfort to those who look for meaning in these senseless battles, and even if you're a non-believer it's a darn good tale.

Meanwhile, I guess I'll just plug along with my finger in a dam that will someday drown us all.


Blogger Wadical said...

Peace is a pipedream. It will not happen until the trumpets blow, and they will only blow after a great and terrible battle has filled the Valley of Megiddo with blood. That battle is called Armageddon. And I believe it will happen, in THIS GENERATION. According to Biblical prophecy, the stage is set.

11:27 PM  
Blogger mistyforeverlost said...

Good post and well said.

11:23 AM  

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