Thursday, June 26, 2008


Go ahead, vote for Obama!

Go ahead, vote for Obama. Just remember a few things while you do:

1-Obama wants to lose in Iraq, by bringing home troops without any plan for orderly
withdrawal...remember Viet Nam?

2-Obama wants to raise virtually all taxes on everyone he calls rich, which includes
anyone making $85,000 a year or more.

3-Obama wants to eliminate all heathcare programs in place now (including military
plans) and replace them with government run healthcare known as socialized
medicine. It works sooooo well for England and Canada, that they all come here for
healthcare. See link on McCain's plan compare to Obama and Hillary.

4-After our economy and healthcare system are destroyed by Obama, then he can start
putting all offshore drilling projects in the can, and forever ban oil
drilling on offshore or onshore areas of this country. $100 a gallon gas anyone???

Go ahead, vote for Obama.

PS-In case I still have readers on this blog, you might wonder why a statement all of a sudden. I'm home for a short time on medical leave. I had a minor heart attack (no damage) and so I have a little time to post. Thanks for BEING THERE


Blogger Rebekah said...

Hope you are doing well

7:19 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

Thanks Rebekah. I'm resting for a week then back to work. Hope all is well at your home.

11:17 PM  

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